My computer is not powerful enough for the work I do. Can I get a new one?

Our goal is to provide our students, faculty and staff with technology to make everyone as productive as possible. Each year, in the spirit of consistency and cost management, the Technology Services team determines the best and most cost effective hardware configurations to meet the general needs of our users. Then, when we implement our "refresh" cycles, we replace eligible computers with these identically configured models. In rare instances extreme computing requirements may benefit from more memory, a larger monitor or some other enhancement.

We are obliged as a state agency to get the full service life out of the technology we purchase, so only under exceptional circumstances will we replace a computer before its useful life is used up. If you are having performance issues, please submit a help desk ticket and the Desktop Support team will work with you to get the best performance out of your technology tools. If you have an exceptional need, we will work with you to prioritize your need with other technology purchasing objectives.